C&D blend recommendations


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I’m not an expert like many of the posters on here but I’ve had some pretty disappointing experiences with the C & D blends I’ve tried. I find them to be a bit “young” tasting if that makes any sense. I’ve also had two mold issues with items coming out of their factory (Oak Alley and Temple Bar from their GL Pease production). Of all the blends I’ve tried I’d say Red Carpet, Sunday Picninc, and the non-moldy Oak Alley I’ve smoked have been my favorites. I really want to like them since they’re so prolific but I just haven’t found a blend that gives me that “Aha!” feeling.


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Star of the East is a great blend if you enjoy latakia blends.

I've never had a C&D aromatic I liked.
Captain Bob's Blend is pretty good and it's kind of an aro.

Be warned! You have never had ANYTHING like Capt Bob.
There is nothing like it. It smells like grape bubble gum in the pouch. Tastes like latakia and grains in your smoke. And has a room note similar to a combo of melted crayons and baked sugar cookies.

Yeah. It's weird. But, if you like it, you'll love it. Just remember: it smells like an aro but smokes much more like an English. Don't expect the pouch note in your smoke.
Yes, Star of the East, but I feel that the Oriental is the star of this show.

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I’m in the same camp as @Billy Ockham and @Ozark Wizard. That said, I do like Poplar Camp and Winchester and I like them mixed 50/50 even better. Innsmouth is one I like as well.
I do something similar but I also add Yorktown as well. Equal parts of Yorktown, Poplar Camp, and Winchester.

That and Nutty Irishman are about the only ones I smoke regularly.


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For the ones I have smoked (I still have a lot that I haven't in the cellar) they are:

Pegasus (with at least 6 months age on it) I have non-figuratively 7 pounds of Pegasus and Yorktown in the cellar
Opening Night
Poplar Camp

I have several tins of Dreams of Kadeth in the cellar. I am really being tempted into popping one open to try it, and potentially buying more.....

What do people think of Miskatonic Mixture? It sounds very interesting. I think I have two tins in the cellar, but again want to finish some opened tins before popping another.


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I find them to be a bit “young” tasting if that makes any sense.
It makes perfect sense. There are other C&D blends I've tried that tasted like they could have used more aging before blending and release. C&D is probably the least represented name in my cellar. But I'm not that much of a burley smoker, and that's supposed to be their strength.

I like Bijou, the Carolina Red Flake is pretty good and I'm hoping that it hasn't gone all Santa Claus when I open a tin in a few years, and I like Yorktown as a non fussy all day smoke.


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I'm a big C&D smoker and since the sale is on bulks, these are my top picks:
Billy Budd Blonde
Big n Burley
Morley's Best
And yes they do improve significantly after 6-12 months in a jar.

I agree with the others that Dreams of Kaddath is something special and would also add Seersucker and Innsmouth as a couple of their top blends.


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Really the only two C&D blends I have smoked are OJK and Briar Fox. I will now only smoke BF in a well seasoned cob.... it just seems to work best there. OJK, I actually cellared close to a pound of.... find I like it best when mixed with 5100 in a 50:50 mix. (aka, Mongo Mix) Since 5100 is pretty much gone, and I only have maybe 4 oz. left... I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with the rest of my OJK. It works well in a cob, but I will see what I can mix it with. I rarely get the jonesing for just OJK alone.