C&D blend recommendations

Really the only two C&D blends I have smoked are OJK and Briar Fox. I will now only smoke BF in a well seasoned cob.... it just seems to work best there. OJK, I actually cellared close to a pound of.... find I like it best when mixed with 5100 in a 50:50 mix. (aka, Mongo Mix) Since 5100 is pretty much gone, and I only have maybe 4 oz. left... I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with the rest of my OJK. It works well in a cob, but I will see what I can mix it with. I rarely get the jonesing for just OJK alone.
Simply Red comes to mind.


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Star of the East is a great blend if you enjoy latakia blends.

I've never had a C&D aromatic I liked.
Captain Bob's Blend is pretty good and it's kind of an aro.

Be warned! You have never had ANYTHING like Capt Bob.
There is nothing like it. It smells like grape bubble gum in the pouch. Tastes like latakia and grains in your smoke. And has a room note similar to a combo of melted crayons and baked sugar cookies.

Yeah. It's weird. But, if you like it, you'll love it. Just remember: it smells like an aro but smokes much more like an English. Don't expect the pouch note in your smoke.
Smells like the purple Kool-Aid to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they used. That stuff is disgusting! Lol.


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I know this is way late but Dreams of Kadath is a big favorite of mine. It is meaty and filling and funky and just so good. It's a late night porch tobacco. It is like having a cigar without having a cigar. Don't know how to explain the cigar feeling I get with it as it has no cigar leaf and I wouldn't even say it really tastes like a cigar. It's just, there's something cigar-like about it while still being very much pipe tobacco. I find myself reaching for it more when it is cooler out though.


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Might be a noob question but why is some of their blends only available as bulk and not tins?
I would guess they sell enough in bulk it makes more economical sense. Costs more money and labor to tin something. Reckon if it's just flying out as fast as they amke it and/or always bought in large quantities makes no sense to tin it. Just my theory. H&h used to tin more of their stuff too and now it's all different


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I also agree, much of my c&d stuff has been rough in the beginning but after sitting a while is fine. For example I did not like corn cob and a button nose first time I smoked it. Didn't even jar it, just left in the tin, and the next Christmas gave it another shot and it was much better. So if you don't like a c&d blend, don't give it away until maybe it's got a few months and you've tried it again. Though I did not find that autumn evening or dreams of Kadath were bad new. Depends


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at the risk of sounding like a broken record, i would draw your attention to Big n Burley--Old Joe has already been mentioned--

i haven't tried a great number of C&D's blends, but those i have tried, i liked--
like Just Scott said--i tend to really like the Runowski blends--we shared similar tastes--

i said i liked 'em all; not exactly right--- i liked 'em all except one--i think that one was called Mountain Camp--never again--way too much Latakia for me--


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I've had about half of everything they make, barring aromatics, about 50 blends. When I first picked up a pipe, I went nuts for C&D. However, after a year or so of smoking everything that sounded good to me, I started getting real tired of all the red Virginia - they use it as a base for so many of their blends. With that said, I still keep a handful of their blends around for regular (weekly) smokes, mainly the ones without or with very little red. From all-day favorite to occasional smoke:

  • Riverboat Gambler
  • Poplar Camp
  • Haunted Bookshop
  • Yorktown
  • Kajun Kake
  • OJK
  • Bijou
  • Dreams of Kadath
  • London Squire
I have to agree with others here about Star of the East Flake; it's delicious stuff, I just don't smoke Latakia very much these days, and prefer London Squire over it.


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I will add (or reinforce, as I didn't re-read this entire thread again) Bayou Morning (NOT flake). It's a great VaPer! Highly recommended!

Also, Pegasus (one of my favorites by C&D), Yorktown, Poplar Camp, and Winchester.


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You may want to try the holy trinity of C&D burleys: OJK, Haunted Bookshop and Pegasus.
I smoked a lot of pre-merger OJK until I ran out of the good stuff. The new OJK is very much lighter
and pales in comparison to the old stuff. From a chunky heavy hitting tobacco, it's now a ribbon all day kind of smoke. I'm actually liking it for the way it is.

My other personal favorites:
Big N' Burley, burley powerhouse with some condiments thrown in small proportions.
Dark Burley - blending tobacco, and the for my tastes, the backbone of my favorite C&D burleys.


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Their Virginia and Burley they use as base for most of their blends are both quite unique. I don't reach for C&D when I am feeling like smoking VA. I think they have some of the most straight forward blends out there. I do like a few of their blends, I like their Burley more than their VA.