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Cabbie's Mixture: mold?


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I got into a jar of Cabbie's Mixture last night. Still not sure about the taste blend, it seems way too peppery for my tastes. Anyway on first glance it had a little crystally sparkle here and there, which is always exciting and usually means a good smoke is to be had. On closer examination though, things started to look a little more sketchy so I took as close up of a picture as my phone would manage.

So what does everyone think? Mold or just plume? I'm leaning more towards mold at this point.



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What worries me there is how heavy it is in certain spots, and certain spots only. When I've had slightly grayed/crystal stuff on gawith,it's been pretty light and pretty uniform. That looks pretty dense, pretty isolated, and honestly, kinda yellow. When you start losing the ability to see where tobacco strands begin and end, I call "mold". Whether I'm right or not, I dunno!



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The upper left portion of that particular coin looks suspicious to me.

It's hard to tell in that light though. I have had some really thick crystallization on some Gawithian weed that I have had in jars for several years.

I had a chunk of Revor Plug with so much crystal on it, it was just as much whitish as it was black. Smelled perfect though.

One litmus test is the aroma. How does it smell? Typically moldy tobacco will smells downright awful..


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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it. I am suspicious of it more and more as time goes on. It's a good thing I'm not overly wild about this blend (too much Perique?) so I'm just gonna let it sit and keep an eye on it. If it isn't mold, great, if it is... oh well.
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The litmus test is the aroma. How does it smell? Typically moldy tobacco will smells downright awful..
Believe it or not, it smells like absolutely nothing. No typical tobacco smells and no musty mold smell either, just a whole bunch of nothing at all. It's very weird.


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Would anything bad happen if you smoked it? I'd guess very likely not, but is it worth the risk? I dunno. It sucks throwing tobacco away, especially when some stuff is harder to get ahold of. A tin of tobacco still goes for close to the price of a fast food lunch, though. If someone gave me a cheeseburger and said "oh, by the way, this meat smelled a little funny" or "I think there might have been some blue stuff on the cheese, not sure," I'm probably not eating the MFer.


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That photo looks like it could go either way, really. Looks kinda opaque and grayish, which makes me doubtful, but if you're up close does it look spiky or fuzzy? The best is probably to keep it in the jar for now, and look in on it occasionally. From what I know of mold, it tends to spread everywhere fairly quick, so if it ALL looks like that next week or something, then you can be pretty sure it's mold. Also, once mold starts really growing, it's pretty obviously fuzzy/hairy. Give it a week or two, you'll probably be pretty sure.