Can a once oxidized stem ever be truly clean tasting?

Can an oxidized vulcanite stem ever be cleaned to a completely neutral taste?

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Ozark Wizard

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You are talking about the outside of the ebonite.
Aaron is talking about the inside.

I have restored a few (several?) hundred pipes.
There is a point of oxidation ("green through and through") when it ain't coming back to "clean tasting." Particularly if you are sensitive to the flavor of ebonite, as Aaron is.

Lipstick on swine.
I was thinking of the same thing. Cleaning the outside is way easier than the inside. I would lean towards getting a replacement stem made to smoke with and set the original aside.

The Postman

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I have had several pipes that were in bad shape stem wise. I sent them off to be redone at stem & briar because I wasnt ready to tackle it myself. All of the stems have come back really nice looking and smelling new. I am currently working on a couple of stems myself but they still smell funky. DC3996DA-321D-4016-8C7F-F62974C5B3B9.jpegA753FC7D-4333-4F18-A2BD-CD8BD1E9D289.jpeg
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