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Can I be a Cob Killer? - PSD

Which cob should I try to kill?

  • Portly shank Pony Express

    Votes: 3 5.6%
  • Ozark shank Legend

    Votes: 24 44.4%
  • Bamboo shank Wanghee

    Votes: 27 50.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

darth finster

Well, of course I know him....he's me.
Good Morning Good People. Captain Cornelius Perseverance Langhorne did his best to prove I could not be a cob killer, but as he left the premises before the determination could be made, I have decided to undergo the task with a new cob companion. Those of you familiar with the old thread will remember the shape poll that kicked off the quest, I thought it would be a good idea to begin this new quest the same way.
This time around our choices will be drawn from the "unique" cob category. First up is a funny little fellow I received in a MM seconds grab bag, a Pony Express that was fitted with a straight standard shank.
Next up is interesting guy, another grab-bagger, this time a Legend that somehow got himself a straight Ozark Cherry hardwood shank (they don't make those straight shanked) that's also inserted into the bowl upside-down.

The final choice is a generous donation, a NOS unsmoked Wanghee with bamboo shank that davidbeinct has offered up for sacrifice; being tech goofy I have no idea how to move the image, but you can see it in thread about bamboo in the pipe forum.

I'll be keeping to the same rules as before...namely I will smoke this pipe and only this pipe with minimal care of maintenance (stems don't count).
So there you have it...get out and vote people, you want your voice to be heard! The poll will be open 1 week.