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Carter Hall, who knew...?


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Besides almost all you guys! Not me that's who. Since I started back up with the pipe last July after a 30+ year hiatus, I've confined myself to the "better" blends so widely available now through the magic of the internet. It isn't that I'm a tobacco snob, it's just that there are literally thousands of blends out there, readily available, and within my grasp. I thought my days of OTC tobaccos was over - except for that tub of Chatham Manor, which really doesn't count as an OTC, right?

When Pipes & Cigars recently held a pouch sale, I got all nostalgic one evening, remembering blends my father and grandfather smoked 60 years ago. I found myself ordering SWR, PA, and a few others, but no Carter Hall. I'm not sure why I skipped CH, but I did. I wondered about that, especially since so many people seem to believe that CH is the only way to break in a new briar pipe.

I managed to grab 3 pouches of CH on Cigarbids just to check it out - and for $3.00 a pouch, how bad could it be? Imagine my surprise. This stuff is quite good. Not my favorite tobacco. Not the most exciting tobacco. Not the tobacco I would smoke as a treat or celebration. But a darn good smoke; an honest smoke without adornment or fanfare. I don't have a refined enough palate to break down the tastes, but I know a few tubs of this will be in my future. The Prince Albert, not so much.

The lesson learned is: pay attention!


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I much prefer Prince Albert and I'm really liking Granger. Something about CH doesn't quite click with me, but I do really like Chatham manor. Different people, different tastes, eh?
I like Granger as well, but it does not seem to get much love. Back when you could get the pouches, I thought they had a better flavor than the tub.