Cascadia plugs?


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I opened up all three that I bought, Vertical Limit, Trailhead, and Downwind. All three smell like they have a topping but VL much less so than the other two. None seems heavily topped though. I‘m about to try Trailhead, we’ll see how it goes.


Evaluating these with the expectation that they're rebranded classics is probably a mistake and will lead unnecessarily to disappointment.

They're all very good, each in its own way. While they're not faithful reproductions, they are a satisfying and welcome approximation to the Irish plugs that are available over the counter in the UK & Ireland and I'm happy to have something readily available of that type here in the United States.


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As I finish up a 7/8” x 2” bowl of Trailhead this comment came to mind. I’ll try Vertical Limit tomorrow, hoping for a little more backbone there.
I’m torn between giving them than E for effort, realizing that we’re plug crazy, and giving it a whirl - and just shaking my head at the futility of making a plug that is completely lame, lacking everything we love in plugs, just to sell mediocre tobacco - I mean, they already have that market cornered.


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I don't get plugs. What am I missing? Flakes you smoke in flake form, folding and stuffing, and they burn slow and cool. I'd smoke everything as a flake if available (plus all my pipes are flakepipes). But plugs? You just have to chop them up in whatever little pieces you prefer. You can't carve of a hunk and smoke it that way, so it ends up being like a rubbed out flake, or cube cut, or whatever.

I guess I answered my own question, maybe? People like them because they can prepare them how they want, and change to suit the mood?

I would smoke Yachtsman flake or Salt Dogsy flake if they were available. But they ain't. So instead, I fumble with plugs.


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Maybe I'm a plug dummy, but I expect a plug to be deeply concentrated in its particular flavor wheel. Slicing to a style of cut and packing preferences should steer the flavor profiles in wanted ways. The mighty CONDOR of Irish pedigree made such smoking pleasure possible for me. 3P's never quite satisfied me. Mcquaid, Revor, and Warrior plugs never disappointed. Plug Wannabes need not apply. Cascadia: the jury is out there, pending final disposition.
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