Cellarlabels.com - Making labeling easy


Perpetual whippersnapper
Hello all,

I haven't seen mention of this site here, and I just discovered it, so I wanted to quickly share it.

I am a very sloppy, untidy hand with a Sharpie, and as my cellar has grown, I've collected half a dozen different types and sizes of jars, as well as multiple different labels. While the tobacco is well stored, it's never been the easiest to sift through, and the odd smattering of jars has made for some strange stacking/sorting.

My wife invested in a color inkjet printer a couple of years ago, and we have some sticker paper, so I thought I'd take a crack at printing some labels. Of course, someone's already done so. Cellarlabels.com made my project a breeze. There are a couple of different label templates for Word and Apple Pages, a good selection of already-existing images to use for labels, and tools to enable you to make your own custom labels (on my radar for Watch City and Wilke blends).


I started in on a handful of jars today, downsizing my active "rotation" to wide-mouth, half pint jars (for which these stickers are perfect). Once I riddled out the printer settings for the matte sticker paper, it took me minutes to print, cut, and transfer. Et voilà!


It took me a while to get here, but it wouldn't have if I'd known how easy it was going to be. The site is free and very easy to use. Hopefully someone finds this helpful!