Changing Tastes


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I have a pretty good sized stable of briar pipes. Everything from my butt ugly early attempts up to a BST & a Robert Perkins. But they aren't feeling the love right now. I currently smoke my cobs and meers mostly. Not sure why as the briers I kept smoke as good as a meer and almost as good as a cob.,


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There was a year or two you would have passed out and maybe even died of lack of oxygen had you held your breath waiting for me to pick up a briar, these days they are often the pipe I pick up, can't explain why, just happens, eventually I'll switch back I'm sure, but I doubt very seriously that without enough conscious effort to make the hobby no fun, I will rarely if ever get to that happy medium of equal love for briars, meers, cobs, mortar,Clay's, etc.

Russ H.

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I'm a briar guy pretty much all of the time, and will smoke my cobs at times when the mood strikes. I currently do not own any Meers, but I fully understand the mood thing.
I get that way with pipe shapes, and finishes. One time I reach for a smooth, and then a blast, and then a rusticated--it's what ever, and when ever the mood strikes.
Its the same with tobacco. I often laugh at myself when it comes to my moods with pipes.
HHuuuuummm---tonight---which pipe??? I made up mind tough I'll be smoking Pembroke no matter which pipe.:bigyellowgrin::bigyellowgrin:


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I tend to smoke pipes in spurts. A short rotation for a while and the switch around. Although “rotation” lends the process more conscious order than it deserves. There is no plan to it at all. It is whatever strikes my fancy as I stare into the pipe cabinet.


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I used to think it did not matter what the pipe was made of, cob, briar, meershaum... Lately, I'm noticing a difference in that some tobaccos seem to shine in certain pipes and are dull and tasteless in others. It's not so much the material as it is the shape, geometry and some indefinable boost that a particular pipe gives to a certain blend. For example - a favorite blend of mine is Mac Baren Symphony. In the right pipe this is an etherial smoking experience for me. To get there, I need either a cob with a balsa filter, preferably a neked cob, or a Peterson P lip. These, along with a slow cadence, mitigate the bite which Mac
Baren tobaccos can produce. If I smoke the same stuff in a fishtail briar or a cob without the filter, I get bit and the experience is ruined. The same can be said for another blend which is a favorite of mine, namely, McClelland Navy Cavendish. I bought three 100 gram tins of this when I heard they were ending their business. That, for me, was a large purchase. This blend too seems to shine in certain pipes, and comes off sort of meh in others. So, for this piper at least, it does make a difference which blend is smoked in which particular pipe.


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I find myself gravitating to a particular pipe most of the time and then for no apparent reason find myself enjoying a different pipe another.
I may be on a briar kick, then it’s back to cobs. Dublin to billiard to bulldog and back again.
It’s like I have pipe ADD.
And thats ok.
I also have tobacco ADD.

Sir Saartan

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It's the great dichotomy of Doug. On one hand the cobs that are often looked down on as being uncouth and lesser, and then the meers that are usually smoked by those that look down on everything else.
Interesting to hear you say that.

I've heard other people say this many times, but the truth is: I am glad I don't know any of those people this refers to.

I know few people that smoke meers, but they are far from looking down on anyone. They value quality and spend
with thought, enjoying the little valuables they are able to obtain and treat them with care. They aren't well off either financially.

Then I only know one regular cob smoker (as cobs are quite expensive in germany) and he does so because
he simply loves them for their asthetics.

Fortunately I only know 2-3 "pipe snobs" and they're beeing assholes all their lives, regarding anything
and everything as far as I am concerned. They'd buy a piece of Carp for $ 1000 just to show everyone that they
don't care and can afford it. not my kind of people.