Sold! Charatan Lane Era Deep Ring Grain Pot - Chunky, yet Handsome!


Busy Bird
Just updated my new website, with about 7 more pipes!

First up, is an early '60's Charatan, Lane era, sandblasted pot, with a deep, ring grain blast.
This one's chunky on the outside but light as a feather. This is the perfect pipe if you like the combo of elegant with "yeah, but don't mess with me."

Here are the deets:
-Length = 5-5/8" (143mm)
-Height = 1-5/8" (42mm)
-Bowl Width = 1-1/4" (33mm)
-Chamber width = 13/16" (21mm)
-Chamber depth = 1-3/8" (35mm)
-Weight = 1.3 oz (37g)
About a Group 5 size


For a 60 year old pipe, this English beauty has plenty of life left. Doesn't seem to have been used much at all and the stem is in very good condition.

Also, did I mention it has a chunky blast??

Behold the chunkiness...

As with most of my pipes, I really hate to let this one go (no, seriously) but, I have too many damn pipes and only 1 noggin, do the math.

Price for this English hunk is $100., and includes free shipping in the U.S., and a genuine Sorringowl & Sons leather tobacco mat. I do ship internationally as well.

For more pics and a longer description (and more pipes), click the link above or the banner below to visit the website. To purchase here, just DM me and we'll begin the horse trading process (I do accept offers as well on most of my pipes).