Chedra Design 1/16" Side-Cutting Bit for Slot Work


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I tried a few methods and the most successful was to mount the Dremel pointing straight down at the ground and have the work area VERY well lit. It's very fast, and the learning curve is steep, but it's way better than starting the slot with a Kemper saw imo. There will still be plenty of needle file/SP work to make it pretty but this will definitely save time.

ETA: sorry the photo angles are weird. I was holding my phone between my knees lol.
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I use a Foredom with a foot cotrol.
I’ve found that in addition to slower revs, running the bit only in the outward direction keeps me in the same plane.
I insert the bit while it is not turning or barely turning, then cut only as I withdraw. This allows me to avoid cutting false channels off plane.
Additionally slow revs are an absolute must when working with acrylic-otherwise the acrylic melts ands its a disaster.
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