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Cheers from Virginia


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Hi, gents. My name is Anthony. I'm a former member of the now defunct PSF site, but that was under a different screen name. Most of the guys around the web know me best by this one anyway. So, I thought it best to stick with it.

Sometimes, I repair pipes. Sometimes, I restore pipes. Sometimes, I take artsy-like photos of pipes. A lot of the time, I smoke pipes.

It has been an eventful year and I haven't been around the social web scene much. I miss the gab and sharing of info though. So, I thought I might try on a few of the forums and such to see what fits. I've had the pleasure of knowing quite a few of you already and I look forward to getting to those of you that I don't.



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Good to have you here! I was on the old site for a while too, and though there are just a few missing, I'd say the majority of us are all here. It's a great community to have a quick chat and share some pictures, and a few laughs!

Welcome and regards from Cape Cod, MA :sailor: