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Chicago Pipe Show 2019

You will see plenty with your "in by Sat noon out by Sun noon" plan, in fact, insomuch as the show itself, you will see more of it than I ever do with my two night stay. I originally went to the show to see the show, now I go to see friends and kill brain cells. lol
And some go to see friends kill brain cells 😁

I think I will be there. I have wife and son convinced to go. My son is showing an interest in pipe smoking.
At the show he'll be thrown into the deep-end!


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Sorry to say folks I will not be attending this year.
I put all my pipe money into my new shop.

Of course there are still several months for my convictions to cave.
Aww man! Sell off some stuff you don’t use... that’s how I’m gonna raise the money. I have a safe full of some kick a$$ knives that see no use, time to turn some into pipe show money!

It won’t be the same without you... I’ll probably be walking around saying <insert Chong voice> “Dave’s not here man” one too many time. Don’t do this to me and the others!


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I heard that Geico is making a commercial about pipe smoking..... they are sponsoring @Cappadoc , and the theme will be: "So easy, a Caveman can do it!"

@Kilted Pipe Guy , glad to hear that you are coming!
Is it against the rules for me to say “bite me”?

I am a man of distinguished demeanor and uncommon good taste.
I have more couth in my little pinky than you have in your whole pinky.
The Dalai Lama himself strives to emulate me.
I am the reason the Y2K bug did not result in global extinction.
I coached the Dos Equis actor to make him interesantè.
I am...oh, never mind. A plebeian such as yourself can not comprehend.