Chris Morgan Ultralight Meerschaum Pipes


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Altinay makes a similar line but with carbon fiber stems that I've considered. It's tough to beat the practicality of a lightweight meerschaum. The full price pipes are a bit spendier than these Morgans but the sale pieces (cosmetic blemishes, usually) are in line or cheaper. Just as an alternative option if anybody's considering a pipe in this style.


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As much as I like those pipes from both Morgan and Altinay, I'd probably buy 2 meerschaum Falcon bowls instead for the same $120.
Then, I'd accomplish pretty much the same thing, but with two smoking options rather one.
Yeah, that's why I've never managed to pull the trigger on these. I have a couple Falcon stems and a couple meerschaum bowls that just get the job done flawlessly, so for me the only reason to get one of these lightweight meerschaums is aesthetics. If somebody's torn between one of these or the Falcon route, I'd vote Falcon as well.


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Probably, but better to let them be enjoyed than wasted, no?
So do you think the Meerschaum Falcon bowls are made from cutoffs and scraps too? Both look like good use of meerschaum that couldn't be made into 'regular' pipes to me.
I admit I have no idea what the process is from mining the meerschaum to a finished product. I imagine there are probably pieces that are better suited for the production of Falcon bowls and the pipes in this post.
If they bring enjoyment then everyone wins. Maybe if they used a bamboo shank extension instead of just a ss tube or carbon fiber tube then they would appear not so “scrappy”.


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Meerschaum is used for making more than just tobacco pipes.
The idea that scraps and cutoffs that are the size necessary for making the Morgan/Altinay pipes above OR for Falcon bowls would ever be "destined for the garbage" is entirely inaccurate.

Even smaller pieces are used for commercial purposes.
Why throw away a small piece of meerschaum when it can be (and is) used for ornamental jewelry, small figural crafts, clothes buttons, cuff links, etc, etc, etc?

If a meerschaum shaving/cutoff is so tiny that they can't make something out of it, it's used as an ingredient in pressed meerschaum. So, not even the tiniest bits are ever destined for the garbage.
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