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I like this thread. I tried adding a pinch of bulk cigar leaf from C&D to several pipe blends but wasn't happy with the results. My thought is it is just one kind of leaf so it adds one flavor. What I think might work better is to chop up my favorite cigars and put them in jars labeled for each. A cigar isn't just one leaf. It has been blended with many leaves to achieve a certain overall flavor... just like pipe tobacco. I'm hoping adding the new cigar "blend" to some pipe tobacco would give it much more of a robust flavor.


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Sorry to revive an oldish thread. I got to a point where I was pretty much only smoking blends with cigar leaf in. All of the John Patton cigar leaf-containing blends that I tried were big hits. Dark Horse was my favourite of those. GL Pease Key Largo was in my top 3 all time.

I think everyone interested in cigar leaf blends owes it to themself to try Watch City Cigar The Churchwarden. Excellent stuff. And while you're there, try their Nor'easter.


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123 is imo high quality and full flavored but smoking it makes me wish I had enough time to smoke a cigar.
I agree, high quality and full flavoured...I just finished my first bowl of Robert Lewis 123 a little while ago.... I really enjoyed it...I've never smoked a cigar so perhaps the cigar leaf it the taste I can't quite put my finger on... it had good flavour, it never got harsh or dull and produced a nice thick smoke with no bite...it burned with very few relights... I noticed the nicotine but it wasn't too much (I'm a nicotine lightweight)... I look forward to many more bowls ahead
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i like Habana Daydream---it's top on that list---Dark Horse is ok, but as mentioned above, i also wasn't truly impressed--Storm Front is pretty decent, but it's really more a very good burley mix to me-- HD still holds on to top--