complaints about price increases

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Picayune does have plenty of strength but it comes with waves of flavor as well. Full in every way. I find that it benefits from a little added moisture as well, I jarred up 2 lb this afternoon and gave it a little steam beforehand.

I‘ve never tried Penhooker but now I‘d like to. I like mild sometimes too.


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Carp, y’all. I wasn’t personally maligning Mark Ryan. I was cracking a joke.

If the first, cheapest blend that popped up on sale had been GH American Peach, I’d have made the same joke.
The joke was funnier since it was RYO tobacco. :LOL:

Hey, all, everybody has the right to smoke whatever they enjoy, just as everyone has the right to avoid what they don't. I'm happy DnR has fans. I'm no expert on that stuff, having only smoked a handful of them, and not many bowls of even that handful. Maybe I didn't smoke the right ones. Smoke on!


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speaking of price increases, did you guys see that the price on several sutliff blends went up 500%?

I mean, how am I supposed to afford sutliff christmas spice now? does the original tin art cost a lot to commission?

Whoever Norman Rockwell is, I want to speak to his manager. 8.50 an ounce. Not today Norman!
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