craigs opinion on falcon pipes.


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I love Falcons. I went through a period where I had FAD, and now have an unreasonable number of them. A tip I got from Falconeer that takes Falcons from good to great: open up the draw at the bottom of the bowl where it meets the metal cylinder by beveling it with sandpaper, knife, countersink or scissors.
Define unreasonable number.

Ray Mackessy

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@K Williams
Depends, old american made stems
wont accept Longs p/cs very well
as they have a hard time passing
the smallish button slot. English
made stems, no problem.
Your correct. I have an early 50's Falcon and the only pipe cleaner that works good is the Falcon pipe cleaners. I do use the Long's regular p/c's when I have to. They'll work, but it's a chore.