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Crazy eBayers


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You guys ever get weird messages on ebay? I myself have tried to message and help guys with incorrect info in a polite way. I've had guys do the same which I appreciate. I've reached out and tried to negotiate a better deal on certain items. Everyone wants a good deal and I usually hook up social media friends and work with people. Aside from stuff like that what kind of bizarre ebay stories do you have?

I just had a guy message me and straight up with no shame ask me to give him a $150 pipe for free. I said before I like a good deal but seriously? People ask for free things on ebay? Crazy thing is his username is similar to a cigar forum guy that used to dry beg and scam people for free cigars. No idea if it is the same guy but I was floored he asked me for a free pipe.


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that's what for you.

I seen a falcon pipe on eBay a few months ago, beat to hell looked like it had never seen a pipe cleaner in its life, but I was fancying a restoration project...the price £200.

I messaged the seller and politely told him that brand new falcons sell for around the £35 Mark, but is there some pominance to the owner ship of this pipe and if so is there any proof, and would it be possible to work something out.

an hour or so later I got a message that conveyed extreme hysterics, how dare I message him and ask such things, the pipe is silver so therefore is a precious metal, it is over 100 years old and was her grandads so the sentimental value is conveyed in the price and what do I know I'm just an ebayer and know nothing about pipes.

I must say I did lose it a bit in my reply, which went somethig of the foloowing.

thank you ever so much for your very [un]polite reply but here is a few tips for you.

1. the metal is indeed silver but not of the precious sort because it is aluminium, if aluminium was so precious anyone who owns a roll of aluminium foil would never have to work.

2. it isn't over a hundred years old as falcons where only invented in the 30s

3. good look selling something that looks like it has been through every battle in world war 2 for nearly 10 times the asking price for the same thing brand new.

funny enough no reply.


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Oh no, he did that too. His dreams were all about getting rich quick.
I was watching standup comedy the other night and the venue was SanFran. The comedian asked an audience member what she did for work. "I enter radio contests".... I thought about the whole 'House Hunters' joke, "Yes I am a butterfly psychologist and my wife is a radio show contestant, our budget is $1.7 million and we need a room for our dog."

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Chancers, chancers everywhere. I see quite a number of eBay listings along the lines of 'rare and unusual smoking pipe, which in their minds is how one usually goes about listing a basket pipe with a hole chewed through the stem and oxidation thicker than mud. Some of it is no doubt ignorance but I truly believe the vast majority of these are dishonest sellers. First I have heard of somebody asking for a listing for FREE though. That's next level lunatic.


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I was at our local AAA baseball stadium, the Scranton Railriders, and I just happened to have an old baseball with me in case my nephew wanted an autograph from one of the players. A pop fly ensues, lands at my feet. I pick it up and this annoying guy 6-7 seats down from me comes running over and asks if he could have it.
I asked why.
He told me it was his birthday.
Made a big deal out of it.
So I gave him the baseball.
The old baseball that said "Little League" on it.
Took it back to his seat holding it above his head and jumping up and down.
He never caught on.
Dip sh*&


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I sometimes wish there was a LMAO button to use on some listings. I have had some great ebay luck in the past but this year has been garbage mostly. I saw 5 cracked and mangled Dr Grabows listed for $200 with bids on it. Or the sellers that don't sell pipes but somehow feel they are all worth $200 each and lists them far over brand new retail. Pretty sure shill bidding has gotten out of control.

I always tell people if they have blurry pictures but their other listings are clear or they obviously sell pipes they are trying to get one over on a new pipe smoker. Unfortunately I see that a lot. Sometimes you have people that don't know a thing about pipes and I have scored some insane deals from them. I research and ask questions and read all the feedback.

I've heard a few stories of guys returning a different object of the same weight and ebay siding with the fraudulent buyer. As far as pipes supposedly there are a few Dunhill fakes out there and I've heard of guys buying so they can steal the stem off a pipe and claim there wasn't a stem and getting a full refund. I've been lucky that I haven't had issues or been scammed as it seems ebay always sides with the buyer. All of my packages have made it to their destinations as well. Porch pirates are thick here in KC and stealing packages daily. Hasn't happened to one of my customers yet.

That guy never responded back to me. I just said I'm not really sure what his question is exactly.


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when I worked in a shop used to have this guy come in he would buy something with a £5 note then when you give him his change say he gave you a tenner.

he thought he was clever, until one day I intentionally short changed him and no one would listen to his protests because he was a known chancer.

Also he used to ask for cigarettes all the time, until the day I gave him a cigarette made with pure latakia and perique.


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I am a fan of Kaywoodies and Kirstens among others and often I see someone asking an outlandish price for one of these pipes that may be worth a tenth of what they are asking for it. I just shake my head and feel sorry for the someone if they buy it. When I sell something on eBay I try to put a reasonable minimum on it and then let the chips fall where they may. I feel like I have done well if I exceed my minimum. Selling on eBay is just like buying on eBay. If you know what you want for something or know what you want to pay for it make certain that dollar amount you set is met and you walk away a winner every time.