Crumble Kake Red Virginia is inspiring

Okay, first of all, I was never a super accomplished pipe smoker. I’d basically learned how to smoke without my pipe going out and without getting tongue bite most of the time when I put it all aside for several years.

I’d just started to develop a palate, having started like most with aromatics. I stumbled across—wholly by accident—English blends and had a tempestuous affair with those for a while. Maybe 6 months, maybe a year.

And I’d started to dip my toe into various kinds of Virginia blends and some VaPers when I walked away. It didn’t happen suddenly, but seems so in retrospect.

Anyway, I’ve been back on the pipe train all of two weeks after not quite a decade away. And I must admit it’s not quite like riding a bicycle.

So, as I’m trying to relearn how to smoke just so, I’m picking up where I left off, with Virginias and VaPers. Maybe not the best decision as far as tongue bite issues, but here we are.

So I’ve finally gotten around to trying the legendary FVF, which I like. A lot. I’m smoking it right now in fact.

But it’s another recently acquired Virginia that’s really knocking my socks off. Sutliff Crumble Kake Red Virginia.

This stuff just seems to have a little extra oomph that really appeals to me. A certain tang ... something that really makes my mouth water in a way it doesn’t for other tobaccos.

In fact, I find it so impressive I swear it’s making me a better guitar player.

See for yourself... posted just now on YouTube.

Of course I’m not entirely sure why I’m posting this... it’s not like any of you know what I sound like without CKRV. But come on. Humor me.

And Happy New Year!


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I hear their vaper is very good as well. Haven’t gotten around to it but I know others here have said so. Personally I really like the 515 RC1 which I if I understand right, is what they press to make the krumble cake. A bit more vinegary when fresh but if you let it sit a few months... well it’s still pretty vinegary for the first few minutes. But when that burns away it’s really great. My number 1 complaint is that it burns too fast lol