Sold! Custom Cobs and a corndog!


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I've been threatening to pare back and simplify for a while now, and now I'm taking action. Got a few cobs I don't reach for that I'd like to make available to the public. Please PM me if interested or with questions.

I will be posting some more pipes and accessories in coming days.

#1 - "Norm" custom MM bent Country Gent - $25 shipped

Custom coloration and a hand-cut stem by our own Norm Triptow, as well as a brass accent band! I have half a dozen of Norm's cobs and this one just gets reached for the least. I don't think it matters much, but this has been an exclusive Lakeland smoker. Takes a filter (I've never used one). Moderately smoked.


#3 - Missouri Meerschaum 150th Anniversary Bulldog - $40 shipped

Bought at release and lightly smoked using only light burley blends, I don't love this corndog and am ready to pass it on.


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