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I too got a bit of coffee in #4 Craven Curly
Though I likely wouldn't have put my finger on it without having the seed planted in my mind. It was a very nice smooth smoke after that, dark and pleasant, but not terribly exciting. I think it's a ghost of what it once was, but it's a charming ghost.
I did get a bit of the coppery ash, which was really cool!
I just took a snootfull of mine. Smelled like brown sugar - maybe oatmeal with brown sugar.


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Preparing #4 for smoking later today. Beautiful little discs that smell amazing. The aroma is musty and....just old, I guess. It smells like compost and old books, but in a great way. 20180622_095439.jpg
I'm going to use this Meer that I found in a box lately. I am going to lay the discs in the bowl and place the shake on top.
Enough for a full bowl, and that Is a good sized bowl. I wrapped it in a napkin to smoke at lunch break today. Back into the case it then went. 20180622_100154.jpg
Review will be ready today. It better be awesome, or I will regret not having kept it for sniffing every day.


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Apologies for my tardiness but I finished my Scots Cake a couple days ago.

My review:
Smell: "Mmm that smells fiddle sticksing delicious." Plums and smokey bbq sauce and vinegar.

Appearance: Moldy. I mean plumey. :whistling:
You've all seen photos by now but have you seen what it looks under a child's microscope via a cell phone photo? Well it looks much closer, and blurrier.

Initial Impressions:
Plum wine, soft and sweet and creamy, and a bit like Stonehaven. VaBur? VaBurPer? Retrohale tingle suggests VaBurPer.

Loved the beginning, disliked the middle, hated the end. Starts off like Stonehaven mixed with Dunhill Navy Rolls mixed with a Dark Va, and a dash of soy sauce. Fruity. Meaty. Sweetly syrupy.

About midway the flavors get DARK and the nicotine hits the roof- both bowls I smoked had my stomach feeling a little unhappy; one had me dashing to the outhouse (no this is not just an expression), the other I just got the hip-hops. Excuse me, the hiccups. Too much medicine for me- maybe I had too much to fast. Maybe it's the burley. Maybe it's a healthy amount of perique, but this stuff was a chore to finish.

So all y'all saying it was the best thing ever are much manlier men than me. I almost pooped my pants. This is the kind of stuff @jpberg and @DannoH would smoke while eating a sandwich.
Just finished my bowl...same reaction. Started off ok, then went south in a hurry.

I also got a faint Lakeland flavor for awhile, just before mid bowl or so. It wasn't too much nic for me but it kinda tasted like it was skunked. More than a bit cigarette-ish towards the end.

Definitely the least of the three for me.


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#3 Scots Cake
I smoked this once again in a Falcon Classic Billiard and used matches to light.
The bag note, Raisins and chocolate with a hint of a McClellands VA style topping. The Flake was a dark brown and fairly dry.
Slightly sweet and quite peppery to start, not much going on with this tobacco, there is a slight hint of Irish Flake every now and again but it's very subtle.
Whatever topping was in this tobacco has almost gone, if it were 5 years old I think Ido be a huge fan.
The end of the bowl was flat and ashy.


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Sample #4 Curly Cut

Jar Notes:
Raisins, worcestershire sauce, malted vinegar, must.

Initial impressions:
Creamy, bready Virginia goodness with a little pepper kick. Nice deep sweetness. Mellow & dark.

Pleasant, fairly mindless, dark and sweet.
Mushrooms & toasted marshmallows.
Some snork tingle but its pleasant, not searing.
Easy breezy.

Just sorta tastes like an old cased Va... sort of a steamed milk sweetness. Something vaguely floral?
Very much in my comfort zone.
Hints of FVF, Astley's 44, even GAF.

Darker, spicier, some cigar notes, some musty funk and and a little metallic twang.

I stacked the majority of my sample in a BST Bing and that was a fantastic smoke. I smoked the remaning wee pile in a Teipin bent squat tomato and I tasted a lot more of that funkadelic bass (but Bootsy was slightly out of tune); these little curly curly coins smoked very fast for me and a half bowl just didn't have time to hit that sweet spot.

So really my only gripe is that Teddy shorted me ;-)

I cant tell you how much I'm enjoying this experience folks. Thanks again and cheers!
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#4 Craven Curly
I can’t say I liked this one much. Had a harsh, bitter tastelessness to it which stayed with me to the end. Reminded me of smoking with a head cold. Maybe it was something I ate or drank.
I think I solved this mystery with help from another thread. I had just finished a wonderful bowl of HU Fayyum prior to smoking the Craven Curly. I rarely smoke Latakia anymore and I think it overpowered my taste buds!
#5 Carroll and Co. Two Flakes.

I brought my sample with me up to the cabin and Kind of forgot I had it, but then it occurred to me Sunday night as I was about to have the last pipe of the night, and possibly the trip, as we intended to leave early in the morning. So in haste I grabbed the only pipe I had yet to smoke on the trip, my Baki Ball.

I usually reserve my meers for Latakia and aromatics, since I had no clue what was in this blend I figured "what the hey." To set up the background a bit. I spent a substantial amount of time in front of a campfire sucking down whiskey and smoking pipes before this review, so please keep this in mind. I did type out my experiences on my phone as I was going through the sample, I will try to summarize the results the best I can. Unfortunately my sense of smell must have been off a bit as I was unable to really ascertain a tin note of anything other than campfire and whiskey. :)

To start, my sample, like the rest of my samples, was mangled and I was able to fit the whole sample into one bowl with a little bit of space to spare on top. My first impression upon light up was that it was a bit floral. It is precisely at this point I realized the last thing I smoked through this pipe was Ennerdale, Dammit! Too late to switch now. Fortunately this did fade away completely by the time I got to the second third. It was about this time that I felt a need to take a carp break. I hate when this happens in between these serious review sessions. :)

I really didn't write too much more when I got back to my pipe as I just enjoyed it too much from thereon in. From my jaded senses, this struck me as a VaPer as it had all the characteristics of an aged example of a Vaper should have. Very sweet in a dried fruit sort of way. It was incredibly smooth too. I liked it a lot and it made for a much better nightcap than I had anticipated at start up. I wish I had more of this one.

This concludes my participation in this as sample #6, if sent, likely got chewed up in the same machine as the Escudo samples did. Once again thanks to @Teddy Jeavons and @MLC for this opportunity and thanks to all the participants who have put their thoughts on here. It is always crazy reviewing blends blindly and it is kind of neat when you see others reach the same conclusions as you had.

sample5 in baki.jpg


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I posted my impressions and loading the other day. I smoked all of my sample in one large bowl, a bent Meer.
The initial light is a bit weak. The sample needed a few lights to remember it was intended for combustion. Once it was burning, however it kept going very well. The flavor was incredibly good in the beginning, and seemed like a well aged VaPer. The smoke smoothed out around mid bowl and everything blended together. The mid bowl was still good, but I couldn't pick any individual flavors out. The flavor that I could pick out was getting fainter and fainter. The end of the bowl was bland except for a stout dose of St. Nic. It's as if the pipe ran out of flavor before it ran out of tobacco. If you want to experience the same thing put 2/3rds of a bowl of St. James Flake (well aged) over 1/3rd a bowl of 5 brothers. That would do it. The beginning was so great, I'd smoke more if available.


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#5 Carroll & Co Two Flakes

Smoked in a cob. This one has the lightest bag note of the uber-aged samples I’ve tried so far. Some light fruity molasses is about all I get.

Flavors are mostly earthy with a bit of sweetness. I’m wondering if there’s some kind of topping but have no idea what it could be – maybe just some sugar or molasses - but something that's enhancing the natural tobacco flavors. I also might be tasting some DFK – there’s a slight smoky nuttiness to it. I don’t think there’s any Perique - if there is, it has been tamed much more than in sample #3 Scot’s Cake.

Overall, it’s smooth, flavorful, and easy to smoke. Nicotine is no slouch, but less than the Scot’s for sure. Unlike the other two (especially Escudo ’49) there’s nothing about this one that makes me wonder if there’s something off about it. While I enjoyed the herbal/meaty/peppery novelty of the Scot’s Cake, this is one I could see myself smoking more of if it were available.

Curious what you know about it,@MLC, and also the condition of the tin in comparison to the others @Teddy Jeavons?