Cutter-Top Heaven Community Reviews: The Main Event

Teddy Jeavons

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And Cheers to @MLC ! This has been a ton of fun. I'm hoping a few more reviews trickle in.
For me, the 1950 Escudo was wonderful and different from anything I've ever had. The '49 was a bit of a mess, but of interest. The Scots Cake was excellent but stylistically pretty far from my wheelhouse, and the Craven Curly and Two Flakes were mild and pleasantly old tasting in slightly different ways. I've not smoked the Honeydew yet. I'll post about it when I do.

Shasta Piper

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I want to thank everyone for your participation, with special big thanks to @Teddy Jeavons for his gracious organizing of this event.

It has been tremendously enjoyable reading everyones thoughts and impressions.

Fun stuff!

I really appreciated being able to participate! I also enjoyed reading all the reviews. It was fun to see the different opinions, sometimes similar and sometimes opposite and the fact that that’s OK.

I’d like to thank @MLC, @Teddy Jeavons and everyone who liked my reviews, even though I had no idea what I was doing!
Carroll and Co Two Flakes

From the bag it smells like an oatmeal raisin cookie soaked in Bourbon. Taste is similar upon lighting and settles into a smooth, well aged Virginia possibly with something else, can't tell if it's Perique or Kentucky but there's a pleasant depth and nondescript dark/stewed fruit note with a hint of molasses. Turned bitter at the end but the flavor was consistent up until that point. I liked it.



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Okay, last but no least.... #6 - Carroll Ye Olde Virginia Honeydew

A broken flake, again not as pungent out of the bag as some of the others. Smoking it in my magnificent new Stanwell HCA cutty, which is fast becoming my favorite pipe (sorry, Pops!).

I'm finding this one very similar to the Carroll 2 Flakes, to the point that I'm wondering if this was basically the ready-rubbed version. The earthiness, light sweetness, wisp of topping and possible DFK are all there. If anything it's even smoother than the 2 Flakes. Full body with plumes of smoke, but not particularly a flavor powerhouse. No "off" flavors or funk - just a pleasant, relaxing smoke that wears its aged VA on its sleeve.

I only had enough for this one pretty large bowl, so that's me done, gang! Thanks again to @MLC and @Teddy Jeavons for your generosity and for making this epic thread possible! :beerchug: