Sold! Death Grip - reduced again


Klingon Ambassador to Terra
Looks like a cross between a dalek(Dr. Who) and Nomad( Star Trek TOS). It's very cool!
...good,I'm not the only person reminded of Nomad.... sanity still holding.... I think...... and....weird random thought-the right size model of Nomad as a tamper....hmmmm...or maybe a Nomad lighter

oh well....someone buy this tamper already! it's definitely cool


permanent ankle biter
I didn’t even think of Nomad,
but you know what? You’re
right. Maybe a part of
my subconscious kept the
top part of Nomad in
memory to have it reconstruct
as this tamper. So sci-fi
fans around the globe,
be the first to own a Dalek/Nomad
hybrid (made of wood) tamper!

...and still available.
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