Reduced! Death Grip

Russ H.

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I don’t quite get it. This tamper is not so strange. It’s actually pretty cool and unique. I would have thought that it would have went fairly quick, but who am I?
I’m really not sure why, or what folks see, or don’t see with the aesthetics on this one. All I can so is shrug and say


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Looks like a cross between a dalek(Dr. Who) and Nomad( Star Trek TOS). It's very cool!
...good,I'm not the only person reminded of Nomad.... sanity still holding.... I think...... and....weird random thought-the right size model of Nomad as a tamper....hmmmm...or maybe a Nomad lighter

oh well....someone buy this tamper already! it's definitely cool


permanent ankle biter
I didn’t even think of Nomad,
but you know what? You’re
right. Maybe a part of
my subconscious kept the
top part of Nomad in
memory to have it reconstruct
as this tamper. So sci-fi
fans around the globe,
be the first to own a Dalek/Nomad
hybrid (made of wood) tamper!

...and still available.
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