dedicating pipes

For me, aromatics just seem more picky about which pipe they taste best in. I generally have pipes reserved for specific blends of aromatics. I have other pipes in which I only smoke Virginias. This is just what seems to work for me. I've got a couple of pipes I really like, but couldn't find anything that tasted great in them. Finally found something for those pipes--it was like it just clicked.

Hunter Hughes

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I did dedicate Pipes to blend types in the past. Some pipes were for Virginias and others for English blends. I also had a few set aside for Aromatics. I now will smoke Virginias and Englishes in the same pipe as long as the English isn't a huge Lat bomb, but most of the English blends I smoke are not. I still only smoke aros in their dedicated pipes though.


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1. I may smoke any blend(except aros) on my briar pipe that I use for my Lakelands.
2. I may smoke any blend(except aros) on a briar pipe that I use for Englishes.
3. I will not smoke a a Lakeland on my Va/Bur/Per/DF briar pipe.
4. Va/Bur/Per/DF blends will be smoked on any pipe
5. Sutliff and CH on a cob
6. No Lakelands on a meer
7. I have dedicated pipes where none of this conditions apply.