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Devil's Holiday


Needs to think of a clever custom title
A local B&M opened here a few years ago, and since then, my wife has picked up a tin of tobacco for me each Christmas. Miraculously, given that my wife knows nothing about pipe tobacco and given that this particular shop stocks a lot of bull****, she's always made a really surprisingly good pick. This year she got me a tin of Dan Tobacco's Devil's Holiday. I knew nothing about it. Popped the tin and thought I had opened a pouch of: 20181226_003508.png
Whoa baby. This is a heavy duty aro. I don't have a great history with aros (I don't count the English stuff- Ennerdale is pungent as anything but it's also real good tobacco). Don't think I've ever finished a tin of an aro. Or a pouch. Or a sample someone sent me in a trade. Honestly I wouldn't run out of fingers counting the number of bowls I've finished. Aros and me just don't work out.
I gave this one a good shot today, though. Despite the almost overwhelming funk, it's not gross and goopy. It's not PG-logged. And it actually burns pretty well, too. Even without much drying, it smokes to the bottom just fine. Very well-behaved for an aro.
Alas, despite Dan's noble efforts, it suffers from the same curse as all aros. The aroma doesn't come through in the flavor, and whatever that poor leaf used to be, it's had the life cavendished right out of it. It's unobjectionable (very high praise from me for an aro), but there's no there there. I could smoke it, but why, you know?
Anyway, if anyone is interested in a nearly full tin of Devil's Holiday, let me know and maybe we can arrange for it to go to a better home 😊