DGErwin and my new Boswells attire.


Former PSF Wizard
A very special thank you to @DGErwin11 for sending me a shirt I will proudly wear at the next Boswell Hooligans meet up.
He also bombed me with one of his briar pen and pencil sets.
All I can say is if you thought they looked on his old site, in person they are simply fantastic!
I have big mits and writing with traditional Bics etc. is a pain in the arse.
I am gonna be the cool teacher this year with some fancy writing implements!!!
Thanks Doug!!!


Former PSF Wizard
I think the bigger hit with your students will be the shirt! You can point to it every time they tell you the dog ate their homework or they missed a test because their power went out.
Are you kidding? They wont even read it and if they do they’ll think its in a foreign language. Besides, its almost in cursive which is how us adults speak in code nowadays

Russ H.

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The shirt--OH--THE SHIRT--LMButtOff.
The pen & pencil set are awesome too. The shirt though--I love it. I'd be pretty careful where, and when you wear it--DO NOT wear it at school.
You'll end up un-employed as a teacher, and we'll probably hear about it on NBC nightly news that a teacher wearing a offensive tee shirt has crushed the little students mentally, and morally. The students may even have to go to their special safe space to regather their emotions. LMButtOff.