Do Smooth Savinellis Have Fills?


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Depends on the pipe model and age in my opinion. I see most fills in Savinelli pipes that are older it seems. I haven't seen any in their higher end product lines that I own - Autograph, Punto Oro, Hand Made, etc. I also have their lower end stuff and most of them have no fills at all. I probably own around 50 Savinelli pipes and I've restored several hundred. As far as factory pipes I would say they are my favorite. Just look them over really well. If I am putting an estate out there I try to mention any fills if they are there.


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I have four of the Oscar line, and no fills on any. To my surprise when I purchased an Odna 111KS when they were $208 has multiple fills. Guess that's why they're now $135. I also have two from the champagne line and there are fills. All great smokers be assured, but I also don't like fills, so buying blasted or rusticated solves that issue.

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I have a "Siena 510", just like that shown in the picture.

it's a nice Bulldog and a great smoker - but mine has fills.
They're very small, you could say tiny - but at least 4-5 of them.
When the pipe darkens after many smokes, they stand out quite a bit.
I got the pipe for a good price (new & 30% discount), but still...

Bernie Rain

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There is simply no way to sell the volume of smooths that Sav/Pete, etc. do without fills being extremely common. It's the nature of briar. They can choose to leave small flaws as "pits" or fill them, but the idea that any smooth pipe has no flaws is a myth.
While that is absolutely true, I did get new Brebbia "Pura" & "Selected" pipes for less than "same" Savinellis would have cost me.
And a Brebbia "Pura" is - as the name says - pure, free of fills.
The "Selected" pipes I got have the disadvantage (for me) of being lacquered, but are totally fill-free.
Companies do their pricing specifically for each country - so that differs from one country to another.
Here in Germany (and who knows if it is still so today) I got more "bang for the buck" from Brebbia.
P.S: And this goes for smoking quality, too - not just appearance.


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I just checked my 2 Smooth Savinelli Dry Systems. Fills. Since they are $100 pipes, I expected that.

This brings up a thought. Are pits more prevalent in the birdseye or straight grain.
Birdseye. No, wait, straightgrain, no, wait they are the same thing. Damn.

There's more than one kind of problem in briar, but many of the pit type problems run along with the grain, 1/2 inch or an inch long and... 1/8" wide. So if you are working with straight grain and find such a run, you keep sanding and it goes away pretty quick, usually - where if you find that run on birdseye, it won't sand out because it's "deep" rather than "long" if that makes sense. So it's easier to dodge the bullet if you are working with straightrain (unless you can't modify the shape). But the actual incidence of flaws is identical, because briar is briar and it doesn't know if you have flipped it sideways or not.