Do you dump ash during your smoke?

Do you dump ash during your smoke?

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I have to sit down to think, brain won't engage standing.............I reckon it's too busy thinking about how long I can keep standing.

CMA: (no, I'm not a drunk, just have disk issues and not the CD kind.)
This is why being a trucker works for me, have to stay seated for the entire performance, and your preaching to the choir about the back problems, I definitely feel you on that one


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I am in the Rarely camp. A year or so ago I tried it a few times after watching a Muttnchop Piper video on dumping ash. Since, I tamp more and lightly, and occasionally stir the bottom 1/4 of the bowl. I either dump the bowl when it is finished and mostly ash, the bottom of the pipe gets hot, or the smoke is tasting like ash. While I don't like wasting tobacco, life is too short for bottom of the bowl smokes that taste of fireplace. Like most pipe smoking, it's a process and evolution.


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BONUS QUESTION: if you dump, how do you go about it?
I do dump occasionally when I feel like the bowl is having trouble staying lit. Inconclusive whether or not it helps. Sometimes I kick off the ashes when they’re making a mess - since I smoke outdoors that’s an easy puff over the top of the bowl or a flick of the wrist. When I’m planning on taking a dump I always insert a pipe cleaner to make sure no dottle finds it’s way back into the bowl, then I flip out the ashes, then remove pipe cleaner and tamp back down and relight. Like most things about smoking a pipe, there is no hard and fast rule for when I do it nor am I sure it even helps but hey - I’m smoking a pipe for my relaxation and enjoyment not for the aesthetics.


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On rare occasion I find some tobaccos produce drier ash that can get drawn up into my mouth. When that happens I turn the bowl downward to let whatever loose ash fall.
So this is something that has happened to me. Since I’ve basically never dumped, I’d get to the bottom of the bowl and have some ash fly up the stem right into my mouth. You’d think, ah, it’s done. Nope, I dump and there’s quite a bit of unsmoked goodness.