Do you dump ash during your smoke?

Do you dump ash during your smoke?

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For me, it depends on circumstances. Some blends seem to smoke to a finer ash, also if the humidity is high it seems the ash-head gets ... denser, maybe? I know that the temperature is too high for any moisture to find its way in there, but it just seems to happen more on humid days. Maybe it's just that the bottom 1/4 gets wetter on those days, and with much of the ash gone it can more easily be dried and relit... Or maybe it's all in my head. At any rate, I'm in the "Sometimes" camp. I do it when it seems to need it, and it usually seems to help. If I've overtamped, then a stir will get it sorted. There's also a very real chance that I'm overpacking sometimes, as it seems to happen more often with pressed tobacco.


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This must be a common habit of aromatic only pipe smokers of which I am not included. Tried it once or twice many years ago and never found a difference in the flavors of the tobacco after doing so.
I smoke non aromatics almost exclusively and I dump the ash a couple of times during each smoke. For me it tends to keep the bottom half of the bowl smoking as evenly as the top half.

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I went with rarely, which is to say under very specific circumstances, namely stacks/macarthur style pipes where having an inch or two of ash to have to relight through makes it necessary to do so, otherwise, no way, messes up the way it's loaded for me and screws with my ability to enjoy the pipe
That’s what I was going to say. Very tall narrow bowls can have enough ash on top to prevent a relight no matter how much you tamp. Those I might end up dumping the ash. Anything else: no need to.