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Dunhill Tins At smokingpipes


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Surprised not to see this mentioned yet but smokingpipes has a few Dunhill blends in stock, 25 per customer, per day, per blend, so sounds like they came across a large stash but there isn't any NC, EMP or 965. I have only had one tin of Dunhill and that was Nightcap. I have had 965 and EMP from bulk. Only blend I have considered picking up is Elizabethan and maybe Dark Flake?


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Sir Saartan

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Many dunhill blends are still in stock in Germany... considering shipping differences I would be in the 2 vs 1 tin market in trades.
Don’t want to rip you guys off...

I have several emp tins and will buy more if I can help any one.


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Not Smoking Pipes this time but got an email from P&C for an offer of Dunhill Tins for $7. I went and put 3 tins of Dark Flake in my cart and before I could checkout....Sold Out. Damn, was really looking forward to snatching up a few tins. It's tough out there.
I have news for you...it's P&C, those tins were probably sold out before the email even went out regardless of what the site read.


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There was a scramble when the email went out. I almost bought 20 tins of DDF out of general principle. I didn't, because I already have too many tins Dark Flake was their best blend. It's not surprising it sold out first. There is lots of other stuff still available.
I knew it would be, hell of a deal too. I should of just locked in the 3 tins I added to the cart and got out of there. I was doing a little shopping but wasn't long at all. lol


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I like how they went ahead and discounted all the out of stock stuff too. That DDF was in stock for about 10 seconds but the other stuff they haven't had in months they discounted as well. Why not just remove it?