E.A.Carey (Europe) closing down


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I received the latest E.A.Carey (Europe) catalogue in the mail today .. and was very disappointed to learn they are closing down the business at the end of the year :(



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Too bad. My Grandpa always smoked the Magic Inch pipes when he wasn't smoking cobs.

I don't currently have any Magic Inch pipes but have had them in the past, I like the way they smoke. I sold off my last two when I reorganized my pipe collection and got rid of all my billiards.
I've been watching estate ones come up on the 'bay, some of the older models were more to my taste.

I smoke several of the Carey (Europe) tobacco blends as well, although they have already discontinued my favourite.

I'm a little worried about the point they make about Brexit affecting supplies from Denmark, Germany, France and Italy .. that may apply to other UK sellers :(


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My Father smoked their pipes. The little sleeves and vents in the stem. Sucking air. I used electrical tape to block the slots in the stems. No matter where, and who is closing a pipe and tobacco shop—-ity not good news.

Same. I bought one in the mid-80's and it had some really nice graining...good wood. Looked like an old Sasieni 4 Dot. I taped over the vents. Finally got annoyed at having to take the stem off to get a pipe cleaner thru it during the smoke (i hadnt graduated from goopers yet) and gave it away.

But another pipe shop closing is not good nrws


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Went onto the website earlier for the first time in a while .. there was no official word on there that I could see announcing the closure

They've certainly let stocks run down a bit - particularly of their Magic Inch pipes - so regular customers may have wondered if something was afoot

Re their Magic Inch pipes, IMO they smoke very well and certainly deliver a 'dry' smoke


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We're they good pipes? Never smoked one...
I bought one in the late-80's. The briar was nice but the stem seemed a bit on the cheap side. I didn't know much about pipes or pipe smoking at the time but compared to the only two other pipes I owned, Petersons, there was no comparison.
I think I still have the original box of papyrate filter sleeves it came with.
I will have to go looking though some very old boxes and see if I can find it.
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