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EA Carey tobacco samplers


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Early on in my pipe smoking career, I use to buy Carey tobaccos. I thought a lot of their blends were pretty good, at least compared to what I was buying locally back then.
They use to have one called Raisins and Cinnamon that had an amazing room note but I think that blend is long gone.
Another one I liked a lot was Grandma's Apple Pie. Great room note.
But I haven't bought anything from EA Carey since the mid 90's so I don't know if it has changed.

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I recall seeing ads for EA Carey in the fishing magazines my dad used to have around the house. I didn't dwell on the pipe ads -- seems like there were some knife ads that seem like cool forbidden territory to a boy.

Honestly I thought this marque had gone the way of the DeSoto but after seeing this thread I did a Google and found they are still very much alive and active.

I couldn't resist. I ordered one of their "Magic Inch" pipes and some Revolution tobacco in one of those sample packs the OP mentioned. I've spend some time on their website and may well do some more business with them. The package should arrive sometime next week and I'm looking forward to trying both the pipe and the tobacco.


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Grandma's Apple Pie. Great room note.
I remember that !!! Havent seen that or smoked that since "back in the day"!

I couldn't resist. I ordered one of their "Magic Inch" pipes .
I ordered one of those Magic Inch pipes y e a r s ago! I remember being so excited getting their catalog! (Pre internet). Never smoke the thing. Don't even know what box it is in from when we moved years ago. Have to dig it out.