English Blends: The Spectrum


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Hello all,

I am looking for some information on English blends. Not looking for the gold standards but rather for a sweep from one end to the other of English blends.

I do not know myself what one end is nor the other. So I was hoping for accompanying comments like this is straight Latakia and this has so little Latakia you can barely taste it. This is sweet this is dry... etc etc.

I generally do not love English blends and so I am looking to explore the world. I’ll leave out what I have tried and what I have kind of enjoyed so that this may be more useful for others when they come along.

I look forward to hearing of the world of Englishes :)


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The mildest English I’ve smoked and liked, so far, is Bag End from the Country Squire. Next up is Kramer’s New Mix, followed by Peterson (née Dunhill) My Mixture 965, then Kramer’s Father Dempsey, finally Peterson Nightcap.

The best Lat blends in the world, however, are Seattle Pipe Club’s two special reserve blends - Mississippi River and Plum Pudding. My other English tobaccos are getting some aging time, because every time I want Latakia I’m reaching for whichever of the two SPC blends is closest to hand.


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I'm no English expert. There is only "a little too much latakia" or "WAY too much latakia". :roflmao:

The only blends I enjoy latakia in are really aromatics or predominantly Virginia blends that have latakia as a condiment in the truest sense of the word (Bob's Chocolate Flake, Captain Bob's Blend, Walnut, WCC Old Black Magic).

For me the spectrum is basically (from light to heavy).

Light: Early Morning Pipe, Peter Stokkebye Proper English, Boswell Countryside, Country Squire Bag End, John Bull

Medium(ish?): Dunhill Standard, SG Squadron Leader, Quiet Nights, Penzance, Boswell Northwoods, most of the Germain's-blended Smoker's Haven mixtures.

Heavy: Dunhill Nightcap, C&D Byzantium, Old Ironsides, Plum Pudding, Star of the East, Margate, Gaslight

Latakia Overload: Pirate Kake, Ten Russians


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Something light would be Early Morning Pipe/Sqaudron Leader/Presbyterian, the middle I would go with MM965/Father Dempsey, and for the heavier Lat I would say Nightcap/Pirate Kake/Billy Bud. Of course there are many more options. That’s the fun of exploring :puffy:
I'm primarily (99%) an English smoker. A blend without Latakia is just missing something to me. Thepipehunter is spot on from my perspective. I always keep about 6 English blends around that run the gamut of strength and depth. Presbyterian is my "light" English of choice. Father Dempsey is right down the middle. And Pirate Kake is what you smoke when you want to be left alone.

I would throw in Plum Pudding and Northwoods as well for variety -- both on the medium/full end of the spectrum.

And I'm lucky enough to still have about a pound of HH Vintage Syrian which I dip into on occasion.