Esoterica Penzance and Dunbar Mold/Crystal ID

Super K

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I’ve seen well formed crystals on Virginia tobaccos but I’m stumped here and a little upset. Can any of you help tell me to distinguish what’s going on with my tobacco?
The Penzance looks like crystals forming but also looks to have a little fuzz with a”surface” as opposed to crystals I’ve seen that generally lay flat to the leaf. This was a part of an 8oz. Bag transferred directly to new jars after opening, purchased online last Sept.
The Dunbar looks absolutely like mold to me, it’s only on one particular spot in the jar which seems to be a tighter bunch of tobacco. I’ve pulled it from the jar, but my inclination leads me to believe it’s trash. This was a 2 oz. tin transferred straight to a jar purchased from a B&M sometime last Aug/Sept.
I’m not trying to point any fingers or cause a disturbance, just a little help is all I need. Thanks fellas.
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For science I’m going to air out the Dunbar, lock the kids in their rooms ( they never leave anyway), and see how the mold progresses. Based on smell alone I doubt I’ll pack a pipe with the Dunbar as that sounds like something a fella who dips PAANCH would do.
Or, or, you could put the two ounces at the bottom of a quart jar and seal it up. Then watch it grow, make notes and make it a thread....

For science!