Ever seen a tin mislabeled?


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I had gotten a tin C&D 3 friars quite a while back, liked it so much I ordered about a pound in bulk.
God lord, gave me tongue bit that was unbelievable. Contacted C&D and they told me that the
tin I had gotten may have had some age on it and to just wait a while and revisit it when it got
some age. 12 years later it's still garbage and will gnaw the end of your tongue off. It seems C&D
makes a lot of mistakes in there blending. Won't bother purchasing anything from them anymore.


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Several years ago I ordered a few tins of Telegraph Hill and I was convinced they were mislabeled. The first tin I popped I only tried twice and then tossed it.

The second tin I opened was just as bad so I sent it to @dmkerr to see what he thought. He said "tastes like Telegraph Hill."

So I opened the third tin and...
Threw it away.

Kerr was probably right but my brain was already over it.
Kerr was wrong, as usual. It was Sutliff Molto Dolce.


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Update here. 2 months ago I got a “funky” tin of key largo. Something WAS off. Left it in the tin and threw it in cellar. Just trying some right now and it tastes fine. I think something was just too fresh in there. I now have the confidence to order a big 8 ounce can! Maybe with covid they are putting out what they can get ASAP? Dunno


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I do enjoy a number of C&D and GLP blends. That said, I try to give them a year or so of aging before I smoke them. Currently eyeing a tin of Cairo from 2006, which is bulging nicely…
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