Favorite Bulk Virginia - There can be only one

What is your favorite Bulk Virginia Blend?

  • Comoy Cask No. 4

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • MacBaren Virginia No. 1

    Votes: 2 3.3%
  • Newminster No. 400 Superior Navy Flake

    Votes: 13 21.7%
  • Stokkebye Lux. Navy Flake

    Votes: 8 13.3%
  • Stokkebye Lux. Twist Flake

    Votes: 9 15.0%
  • Sutliff 507C Virginia Slices

    Votes: 5 8.3%
  • Watch City 558

    Votes: 3 5.0%
  • Watch City Old Dominion

    Votes: 5 8.3%
  • Watch City Simply Red

    Votes: 15 25.0%

  • Total voters


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Tough question. I have tried about half the list and there isn’t a bad one yet. I routinely keep several of these on hand. I would also add these the Virginia flakes are my “go to” tobacco when I travel and stop at a shop that only has rebranded bulk. It’s a safe bet that it is probably one of the Sutliff or Stokkebye’s on the list.


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Hmm...this is a tough vote, the PS offerings are both heavily represented in my cellar, but I consider the Navy Flake a VaPer, not a VA, so I guess following that logic it's Twist Flake by a nose, with the Newminster offering nipping at the heels.