Favorite Pipe Socks?


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Silly thread probably but here goes.
Do you have any favorite pipe socks?

The old English factory ones were very cool:
Dunhill, Comoy, GBD, Sasieni...
Silk feeling with old school fonts and heraldry.
Very classy.

But my favorites are generally stamped leather ones. The old RDFields Radice pipesocks were really nice (sorry no photo but I'm sure @jpberg has one). They were extra padded and actually protected the pipes.

Here are some of mine that I particularly like:

And I think this is my favorite leather one:

Because it's a rollup and it holds PC's, which is just neat.

And then of course, these:


So let's see them.


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Here’s a shot of the ones mentioned yesterday. The RD Field socks really are a cut above. They feel like well oiled ball glove leather. The sock on the bottom is what Radice was using in Europe in the early 00s.
Top sock is an Ashton, struck me as very nice at the time.