Finally Got A Scotty

Russ H.

Fight The Good Fight
Congrats on the new pipe. Scotty does great work. I own two pencil shank canted eggs that I absolutely love. Her style, and work in my opinion are second to none.
Her pencil shank pipes have set her apart from other pipes. The style has given her that "mark" that is so hard to have in the world of pipes. It's a style that she made her own.
Her style is all hers, and hat is a hard thing to be able t say these days. I like looking st all the pipes she turns out, but her pencil shanks stand out as hers.
In looking at the pipe we are looking at in this thread--Look a t the shaping--the lines that make this a bent Billiard--then the blast work--stem work that form the whole package. Then ask yourself if you think she is a talented carver???----------You bet this lady known as Scotty P. has truly honed her skills, and she deserves all the credit she gets.