Finding Good Pipe Cleaners

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
Pipe cleaners???

I have yet to find one company's regular, tapered or bristled that's different from another company's.

They all work just fine.
Lol same here. But apparently there are actually companies that are able to mess that up. I wonder how much money you can save by producing
carp quality pipe cleaners... I really wonder if that even makes sense, financially.

Russ H.

Fight The Good Fight
Any brand as long as they are cotton. BJ Long, and/or Dills pipe cleaners have worked for me.
Those arts, and crafts-multi color ones are horrible because they are not cotton, and absorb no moisture. I'll leave those for the artsy/fartsy people that want use them for art projects.

Ozark Wizard

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BJ Longs figure prominently here. I get the fifty foot coils, the nine inch and regular. Sometimes I get Dills. Sometimes online vendors send me sample packages of Mac Baren cleaners. I don't like those. They behave like they're made of nylon.


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Dill's are what's available locally from my smoke shop. If I go to a head shop (which there are hundreds of here) I can substantially overpay for Zen cleaners, but I don't like to pay almost $4 for cleaners that shed more than my cats. With my big order this year, I got some BJ Long's to check them out, and that's what I'll be using next time I order anything. I had no issues with the BJ Long's, and I can get 100 for the same price I'm paying for 32 Dill's.