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First tin with mold :(


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Oh my i’ve jarred most of my older 8oz GLP tins and I lost about 15-20 percent due to rust. I’ve got a whole bunch of blairgowrie in 8oz tins that i’d better get to jarring. Mold i’ve only had one tin go to but C&D and rusty tins seem to go hand in hand. Darn that makes me anxious haha.


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Being that C&D also make the GLP and Druquer blends - I wonder if those are also at higher risk of mold, and a risky proposition to cellar deep.
There have been a couple of mold issues reported with the GL Pease blends, but by and large they have been good when opened. The biggest problem I've had with the GL Pease tins are the early canister tins, about half of which have failed, rotting from the inside out. If you have even the lightest red spot on the label of one of those tins, you are probably screwed.


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Late update, the replacement tin had no mold and also turns out the blend exceeded my expectations in terms of VA quality (though I could have gone for just a tiny bit more rum) and it will def be a new regular rotation for me. Now I'm even more looking forward to trying the rest of this series (Simply Elegant). Also re someone's comment about some C&D blends starting out rough, I also have noticed some like this. Off the top of my head, CCP&ABN wasn't that great the first year I tried it but upon revisiting it the next Christmas I really liked it. Autumn Eve. Started out great but after a couple years in a jar was really great, though probably because thats just what happens to Virginia and it is a VA Cavendish. Now I'll say this after hours wasnt rough for me and neither was another huge favor ite, Dreams of Kadath, but both of those started out with a fermenty funk tin note to them. Maybe that is the difference.


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Is this a serious issue to be worried about? I ask because I keep hearing about moldy C&D and GL Pease. Have had to hold off in buying more because I end up with a moldy tin I would be unable to return to factory as it would cost me a $20 to and from cab ride to post office plus what ever it cost to mail it.