Sold! Flame Grain Peterson 03 - $100 shipped CONUS


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Same deal as usual. This one doesn’t get smoked often enough, so it’s time to go.

Nothing weird to mention here, normal condition for a smoked pipe. Very slight darkening in one spot in the rim, stem is acrylic and in great shape.

No measurements on this one either unless someone really needs them. It clenches well, but it’s too pretty for a “knockin’ around” pipe and that’s about all I smoke anymore.


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If you've been considering a Peterson, this sure is a pretty one and you've got a reputable seller ensuring you're not getting a lemon. Also, 2 pipes in the mail is better than 1, in my experience.
I sure do like a red stem. Even though I don't have one like it, they just add a nice warm component.

I'll give others a chance... and my wallet a chance to survive.
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