For the love of Falcons


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A Falcon is the flake pipe that all other flake pipes aspire to be.

I've been enjoying a Falcon for quite a number of years. I find that for best enjoyment I would recommend either a clean or NOS American made set-up, or perform a couple of mods to a UK pipe (thin the bit and chamfer the draught hole). In my last career, I was able to smoke all shift long, and I did! The only weakness is that when it's really cold, the humidome and stem will ice up; that's when I switch to cobs.


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Since the meaning of enamored is "to be filled with a feeling of love for" I'm not exactly clear what is your stance on Falcons. :whistling:
I like them and smoke them. At times I smoke them heavily for a month or so. At other times a couple of months or more go by before I even pick one up. I am not in love with them but we can be considered good and familiar friends of long standing.