Forever stems?for corncob pipes?


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Bought my first forever stem this year. It didn't fit when I got it- tenon was slightly too big. Or maybe the mortise was too small ☺ It was close, so I just took it down by hand with some sandpaper. Fits OK now. I also added a little funneling to the slot. I like it, and it looks very snazzy. The menu of color options is awesome. It was worth what I paid, and Dave Wolff was a great guy to order from. I needed a replacement shank ferrule and he helped me out.

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I’ve never been a cobber. This forum changed that big time. With that said I love to be rough with the plastic cob bits. I bite em and don’t worry about any marks (I’ve bought spare stems and they are like .60 cents or something along those lines. It feels so freeing to me and I really enjoy it. Anyone else like to bite their cob stems? This prevents me from getting a forever stem but I’ve thought about it and heard nothing but wonderful things.
I made my own stems that are cheap enough (€4 a piece of material and 15 minutes of time) to have the best of both worlds. They aren’t as pretty as a forever stem but just as durable. And cheap enough to abuse.
I have never bought a cob forever stem because I don’t know where to buy them and I don’t which one to buy.
They are only available from

They sell stems that fit both cobs that originally accepted a filter (which is most cobs) and also those that were originally designed not to take a filter (a far fewer number of cobs).