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Former Making a Billiard

Adam Bybee

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Lars Kiel posted a video on youtube recently that features Hans "Former" Neilsen's process of making a billiard. Very instructive and fun to watch.

The most interesting part of this video to me is that there aren't any secrets. How does Former make a billiard? The same way everybody does, just with very nice equipment and, most importantly, 60 years of practice to the point where he doesn't even have to measure anything.
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That's a tremendous amount of control at the wheel. My knuckles show the consequences of getting that close and making a mistake. That kind of awareness of where material is being removed, where your hands are, where the rest of the stummel is - that takes time to develop.

Another thing to notice if you're not familiar with pipemaking - how much time he spends on the stem relative to the stummel. There is no way to get around the back-and-forth (wheel/belt to files) that goes into shaping a hand-cut stem.