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Fruit blends: The Good, the Bad, and the Goopy


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Well, people have already mentioned Top Black Cherry and Exotic Passion quite a few times, but I'll add my voice to the chorus of endorsements. TBC can be a pain to get going, but the tobacco is top quality and the flavoring is just out of this world. Exotic Passion is deeply orange-like, with a degree of interesting complexity rare among full aros.

It's good to see Newminster Blackberry Brandy mentioned. I have some on the way to try, along with some Stokkebye Champagne but I haven't tried either yet and can't vouch for them.

Two I don't think I've seen mentioned here aren't fruit blends in the sense of being a single fruit flavor, but they have fruit flavors among other things and fruit plays a big part in their taste (to my palate the last time I smoked them). One is Stanwell Melange, which has a nice caramel thing going on alongside a pretty significant addition of apricot. Another is W.O. Larsen's Signature Vintage Mixture, which again has a caramel flavor with the fruit, but this time it tastes more like berries to me.


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Well, this is by no means sufficient experience to give full reviews on them, but I've smoked one bowl each of the PS35 Champagne and the Newminster Blackberry Brandy. The Champagne was okay - it had it's pleasant moments, but there were also some bitter or bitey points in the smoke, too, and while the topping is indeed berry based (the name is really misleading - this is not a wine flavored blend) the berry notes rarely come through in a clear and pleasant manner. The Newminster was very different and really seems to have a lot of promise. It wasn't goopy at all for me, it burned easily, it refused to bite, some tobacco taste and nicotine made themselves known but the whole thing was accompanied by a very potent but pleasant jammy blackberry topping. There also was some brown sugar and vanilla/marshmallow in the background I think, but the jammy fruity sweetness was the dominant flavor throughout. It needed virtually no relights and basically exceeded my expectations. I bet it would be great mixed 50/50 with a vanilla type blend. I'm really impressed with the Newminster right off the bat, and look forward to seeing if this holds true. I'm not impressed with Champagne but will try to keep an open mind and have some more of it.


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Trying Code Relax again courtesy of @Kraken . This time in a 9mm filter pipe, and it makes all the difference in the world. The rough edges smoothed out and the flavors shine through. More apple than tonquin. Nothing to really write home about or start hoarding, but a perfectly nice, satisfying Danish style aro.

My theory: Danish aros are designed to be smoked with a 9mm pipe because that's pretty much what everyone uses in Northern Europe.


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So many here already mentioned I've dabbled in. Still buy Devil's Holiday, Firedance Flake, and Exotic Orange/Passion when I can. Still haven't found a peach I liked, as far as cherry my favourite was M-95 from McClelland. Gone now and I'm out. Pity......

Tried Sillems(spelling?) Black. Bleh. Lane Very Cherry. Too much cherry! Various seasonal fruity blends from Peterson and Rattray are pretty good too. Still not sure if I like the new McConnell's Code Relax.
As regards peach blends have you tried brigadier black Gettysburg or sutliff taste of summer.?can vouch for both.don't know if its still in the lineup but have enjoyed Cornell and Diehl peach brandy immensely


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I enjoy Peterson’s University Flake which has a mild plum topping and C & D’s Founding Fathers which has a pomegranate topping and perhaps the best tin note EVER! I don’t smoke either of them a lot, but when I’m in the mood they hit the spot. Typically it’s a summer thing...


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One I rarely see mentioned, but absolutely worth trying, is 4th Generation Family Reserve.
Vanilla, Marzipan and a touch of I have no idea what that gives it a light fruitiness.
Really good tobacco flavor as well (VaBur) which is a rarity among aros.
Exotic Passion is also good.
Those two and Top Black Cherry are most of my aro smoking. Tried like a dozen others and have no plan to rebuy any of them.

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Awe man, if only Ruff were here.

The very first “tin” I bought before knowing anything at all besides good old drug store blends. I don’t remember much except is smelled good enough, but I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t taste like it smelled.