FVF recent drop mold alert


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I had to open one just to check, but @blackmouth210 made me do it. This tin is all good so I'm going to assume the other tins are too, and that it was just the boxes. But these flakes sure are purdy

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Something doesn't look right. You'd better send me that batch for proper inspection and disposal.


Seriously, though, looks great!! :thumb-yello:


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I‘m wondering if the tobacco being scarce of late has anything to do with those mold issues.

It makes sense that they would have to delay production if they were in fact dealing with bad supplies and/ or problems at the production site.
Good point. It seemed like they were starting to get more regular SG arrivals and then they just stopped...major bummer.

Like @millarddj said, they must've shared a shipping pallet with C&D!

In all seriousness, that really stinks. You hardly get any SG as it is and then you get a box and it's moldy.
More Lakelands and fresh pipes for my men!