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G&H Brown Flake Vanilla


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I mentioned in Mr. 321 One's thread that I thought this tobacco sounded really good and that I'd order some. I was headed off at the pass by the Santa Claus of PSD, WalkinStick. He sent me a generous sample of this, as well as a couple others. My wife jarred them up upon arrival. A bunch of life's stuff got in the way, but I've now had time to smoke some of this. I'm not an eloquent reviewer, but i thought I'd take a whack at it out of gratitude to Monsieur Stick.

I half rubbed a pipeful out, let it dry a little, then gracefully crammed it into a Dagner Billiard. This is my englishey, seems too fancy a blend for a cob, pipe. It took a light as well as most, produced a pleasantly large volume of smoke. My first impression was playdough and soap, but not in a bad way, as well as the color red. Throughout the bowl I got a pumpernickel bread taste that I strongly associate with Virginia tobacco. There was a mild, dark sweetness throughout the bowl, a little brown-sugarish now and then. I didn't get the vanilla until the end, and it was very mild. It took me 13 matches to get through the bowl. That's less than average for me, I'm a very inattentive smoker. Overall, it was good, but not in my favorites.

A big thank you to WalkinStick and 321 One, this is definitely well outside of the "blends I normally smoke" category and was a nice change of pace. I'll try the other samples after a few bowls of my normal burleys.



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Glad that you at least didn’t hate it.

I didn’t get any vanilla at all from it, but it did seem sweeter than regular Brown Flake to me. Brown sugar sums it up great.

Hope you get time to try the rest of the stuff!
I enjoyed it, gotta have something different now and then.

I think I ruined myself years back, I had an almost unlimited supply of pre-aged Blackwoods Flake. I smoked it constantly and eventually my mouth must have got tired of it. After that point I couldn't smoke blends with a lot of Virginia in them very often. They wound up tasting flat and ashy. Thus started a burley love affair.


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What a burden you had to bear. :roflmao:
The worst part is that I gave and traded away all the tins I had once it stopped tasting good. At today's prices, I'd have been sitting on a fortune.

One of the B&Ms in Richmond had a huge rack of McClelland blends, all of it with at least a few years on it. I don't think I ever picked a tin with less than six year's age.
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I think it's an okay blend, but for me seems to be neither one thing nor the other. Meaning, when I want something that really does justice to the words "vanilla flake" I'd go for Mac Baren. And if I want a good GH aro flake I'd go for DF Scented or Ennerdale.