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gawith hoggarth spirit of scotland


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I normally don't do one bowl reviews, but when I first started pipe smoking this was one of my regulars.
It was easily available from a shop in my local town, then the shop shut for 6 months then reopened but with a vastly reduced selection this been one of them that didn't make the final cut.

So it went by the way side as I found other tobaccos that where to become my regulars.
On ordering some more ennerdale curiosity got the better of me and I decided to throw a tin in for old times sake.

So is it as good?.....better.

So as you can see it is an American style aromatic, very cavendish foreward with a helping of burley and bright Virginia.
This stuff is seriously moist on opening, and the first thing that hits the nose is a nice vanilla and caramel scent, but ruffle the tobacco and the whiskey takes centre stage, let me tell you the blenders at gawith and hoggarth certainly wernt shy when the frame for this where handed out.

So packing wise it is a relatively easy affair, the Virginia and burley are in nice longish strands while the Cavendish is nice and chunky, as I said this stuff is seriously moist but funnily enough lighting up is a breeze.

The vanilla and caramel do carry over to the smoke but not as strong as when the tin is opened, again the whiskey takes centre stage.

it reminds a little bit of bells whiskey, as when smoking I get some nice toffee caramel notes, a little ginger bread here and there and a slight Smokey more that if you don't concentrate, you will miss it.

While smoking there is a nice just ever so slight bitter note, very much akin to dark chocolate or an esspresso, it's not a bad thing as it adds a nice dimension.

given how moist this stuff is, it remarkably stays alight with ease and took only two delights throughout the smoke.

the whiskey taste does stay through out the smoke, the vanilla caramel note fades slightly during the second half, but is replaced by a nice caramelized sugar/oaky taste.

The smoke itself is very smooth with a slight touch of creamyness but my god does this tobacco have some smoke output, even the gentlest of sips produces plumes of smoke, not a bad thing for me but maybe not one for those sensitive to smoking.
Which brings me to the room note, very nice, slightly sweet with that ever present whiskey note, it shouldn't offend many, but do bare in mind what I mentioned earlier about the smoke output.
Nicotine wise, as with most aromatics, unless you have a very low tolerance, this will be a very comfortable all day smoke, I found it's strength just a couple of steps past mild, even though I smoke much stronger heavier blends I still found it a satisfying smoke.

All in all this a very decent smoke, and one I shall keep around on a more regular basis.
yes the Virginia and burley is sublimated to an extent due to the added flavours but they add just the right touch of flavour to compliment the blend.
I would say in my opinion, having liked borkum riff bourbon, this trumps it, it is much more refined and no rough edges, harshness or bite.
I really tried to push one and it barely heated up.

highly recommended.

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