G'day from Oz.

G'day everyone.
A link to an Ernie Q thread on casings/toppings brought me here.

Tobacco is outrageously taxed here in Nanny State Australia [now over $110 for 50g]
Last July it became illegal to import tobacco so I'm learning how to grow so I wont be without when my 'cellar' runs dry.

Growing, drying/curing and preparing tobacco is certainly a steep learning curve but buggered if I'll pay ridiculous money for one of my last remaining pleasures in life.

Switched to a pipe from a 40-a-day cig habit over ten years ago. Now I smoke for pleasure rather than addiction.
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G’day Chopper, I hope you still have both ears!

Where about in this big brown land are you? I am in Canberra.

There is a handful of Aussies here. Paging @Intotheflood, @Seelife, @soutso , @Robcapp , @wobbss , @Pipeandfashion , @seth.bell4
G'day @MadEel76 I'm NW of Sydney. Just far enough away from the city to avoid the rat-race. The trade off is blistering summers and -0*C at night in winter.

Good to see so many Aussies here. Don't suppose anyone has figured a way to get reasonably priced tobacco?
I've got a reasonable 'cellar' but am growing for when that runs dry.
Brisbane Broncos v Parramatta Eels: Thursday, 28 May 20, 7.50 at Lang Park... I can hardly wait.


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Should be a good match. Parra was my 2nd team back in the day but since they took on Bitchell Poses .... well, not so much.
Can't stand that guy and was glad to be rid off him. [Yep, I'm a Tigers fan]
Since I go for two teams - Tigers and any team verses Brisbane and the Storm - let's hope that the Eels smash them.

I'm really looking forward to the Easts v Souths game in particular. Can't wait to see Mitchell's deficiencies at FB get exposed by his old teammates. [Talk about the Tigers dodging a bullet there]
Latrell made such a big deal about playing FB. Said it was his natural position - 'Put me there and you'll see' he said. Then turns up fat and out of condition.
My prediction was that he'd end up at centre after several games but he didn't even last that long at FB. It's like he doesn't have a clue.

His Easts teammates made him look good. Without them he's totally exposed.

As for the Tigers; I've got a lot of respect for Maguire as a coach and was rather optimistic despite it being a rebuilding year. That optimism was quickly extinguished after that last game. Our defense was pathetic.
G’day Chopper, I hope you still have both ears!

Where about in this big brown land are you? I am in Canberra.

There is a handful of Aussies here. Paging @Intotheflood, @Seelife, @soutso , @Robcapp , @wobbss , @Pipeandfashion , @seth.bell4
Although I found Chopper an interesting character, I've not ever had the urge to emulate him in any way. [Chopper thought that surgeons would just reattach them after they were hacked off :startle: ]

I'm interested to know how my fellow Aussie pipe smokers get by considering the outrageous cost of tobacco here. Buggered if I'll pay $110+ for 50g.
Around 18 months before the law changed last July, I discovered that one could simply order tobacco from the U.S..
One pound + postage was cheaper than a 50g tin/pouch here. Although I'm grateful to have realised this, it would have saved me so much money had I found out sooner, plus I would have enough baccy to last my remaining years.

Before the law changed we were led to believe that the new laws would only affect 'commercial quantity' but I had a bad feeling. Aussies on social media bagged me out and called me 'paranoid' when I suggested that then was the time to stock up while still possible. I ordered as much as my limited income allowed.

Although 40lbs sounds like a lot it wont last forever so I'm growing now for when my supply runs low. [I'm probably now down to around 30lb]
Tobacco needs at least one year of aging to mellow out so now is the time for me to get started.
Growing, drying and preparing tobacco is a steep learning curve. This year I grew Burley. Around 30% dried green so is only good for compost. Last years Burley mostly dried without any issues so I'm not sure why this years crop dried differently.
This Spring I'm planting Orientals. I've five varieties from which to choose. :banane09:

I've been doing a lot of reading. I'm going to start experimenting on last years Burley to make Black Cavendish, Kake and Flakes. Once I've got a handle on those I might even have a go at making my own Perique. There's so much to learn. [ www.fairtradetobacco.com forum is an excellent resource]

Any Aussie needing Burley seeds just send me a PM and I'll post gratis. I've plenty of Burley seeds to share but wont have any spare Orientals until my new crop has seeded [Probably at the end of summer next year]


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Wow Chopper, your will to overcome is impressive. Growing tobacco is just something I consider beyond possible in terms of having to learn so much and needing years of experience to get right. It would take a career in the game to really understand it, but I applaud you and wish you success.

I stocked up before that dreaded date but I have accepted the horrible price we have to pay and try ration a tin per month to justify the spending. $110 per month doesn't sound so bad. The part I hate most is that I'm doing just what the anti tobacco lobby wants, smoking way less than I want to. The only good thing is that my pipes are way cleaner than they used to be.